Automatic separation of eighth beams into groups of two

• 9. Jan 2020 - 15:09

If I have only have eighths in one half of a measure, they get a continuous bar. That seems to be mostly common practice. However, I find it more clearly arranged to have only two eighths connected to each other and always separate them manually. Is there a smarter way to achieve the same goal with Musescore?

According to the manual, I have tried to adjust the properties for eighths in 4/4 according to my preference. But this setting seems to have no effect.


Du hast im deutschen Forum gepostet ;-).

Sollte eigentlich funktionieren per Rechtsklick auf die Taktart->Eigenschaften Taktart... und Notengruppe entsprechend einstellen. Wenn nicht, ggfs. Beispielpartitur hier anhängen.

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