Window size extension over more than one display not working....

• 23. Dez 2022 - 11:48

first of all congratulations for the new MuseScore 4 version.

In MuseScore 3 I've spanned the APP over two displays using the window mode instead of fullscreen.
In window mode I could drag the frame over to my second display.

[Display1][Display2] side-by-side (24'' Full HD Resolution)

In MuseScore 4 this is no longer working. The maximum size of the app window is limited to the discovered screen resolution of my first display. While in window mode I can move the app window somewhere between my two displays, but I cannot extend the width to span it over both display.

Are there plans to reenable spanning the app windows over two (or more) displays in a feature release?

Regards Rainer


Begging for this too.
I was so excited to get started with 4, and am now stopped in my tracks. I can't use 4 until it can span dual monitors :(

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