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GSoC 2020: Tree Model - Week 6
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Hello! Sorry for the delayed blog post, I was busy making final changes to my pull request and squashing the 25 commits into 7 major ones. I thought it's going to be 1 hour's work and I'll write my blog post after finishing it, but it took 1-2 days. It really was a struggle against git... 😂

So here's what I have been working on this week:

  1. I have added MMRests (or rather, MMRest measures) to the tree model!

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kartikay.kumar.944 GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 6, Weather conditions optimal
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Improvements and roadblocks

Welcome to this week's progress blogpost. It was an exciting week that marked the end of my exams period (which means that progress will accelerate) and was full of improvements and bug fixes for MuseScore's Albums.

The successes

This week I focused on polishing the album-mode editing experience and on improving the codebase.

  • Decoupled the album Score instances from the Score instances used by the ScoreVIew. This allows the Album to work without opening all its scores
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Sergios - Anes… GSoC 2020 Week 6 Recap: Warning Warning
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Hello again! Last week was a bit of a mixed bag. I didn't accomplish everything I hoped to, but still, progress was made. Let's get into it.

Update from last week


My "Priority 1" issue, having to do with undo/redo, was unexpectedly fixed for me by (once again) @mattmcclinch. The "Priority 2" issue, though... I banged my head against the wall all week, and went deep, deep into the weeds with my mentor to figure

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Isaac Weiss GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 5, Unfasten your seatbelts and enjoy the view
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This week in Albums

Greetings fellow MuseScorers. Unfortunately, my video-making plans for this week could not fit in my schedule (last week of university exams) so I owe you one ;-)
Let's get down to business.


  • Automatically generated 'Contents'. As you can see in the attached PDF file I implemented the option to let MuseScore generate the Contents page (or pages) for your Album. There is still some work to be done (for example it uses the names of
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Sergios - Anes… GSoC 2020 Week 5 Recap: Laying Out Measure Repeats
1 week ago • 9 comments
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Update from last week

My goals for last week were as follows:

  • Expand MeasureRepeat class to support varying numbers under the hood
  • Draw the MeasureRepeat from the font instead of with a hard-coded path
  • Make all current uses of MeasureRepeat specify that it is the one-measure version being called (i.e., keeping same functionality, but changing implementation)

I did all of that in the first couple of days, and went on to, well, take those under-the-hood changes

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Isaac Weiss GSoC 2020: Tree Model - Week 5
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Hi! This week I have been working on fixing the problem that I described in my last blog, i.e. newly added measures not getting included in the tree.

Some of the things I tried to fix the problem:

  1. First of all, I wanted to confirm that the problem is just due to these new Measures, so I tried to add the newly created measures to the tree in an ad-hoc way. I created a set in Score class, called

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kartikay.kumar.944 GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 4, Ascending
2 weeks ago • 0 comments

Hear ye, hear ye!

I welcome you to this week's, delayed, blog post.


  • Double-clicking a score in the Album Manager while in album mode moves the screen to the selected score.
  • Added an automatically generated front cover.
  • Disabled scores disappear in album-mode.
  • Improved dock-widget behaviour for the AlbumManager.
  • The inspector now works correctly in album-mode.
  • Various bug fixes and small improvements.

The biggest (and not originally planned) improvement this week was the automatically generated front cover. I was trying

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Sergios - Anes… GSoC 2020 Week 4 Recap: Time Warp (ft. Matt McClinch)
2 weeks ago • 0 comments
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Hello, all! In the last week, I did some work a few weeks ago. Let me explain.

Update from last week

Group measures

On Wednesday I joined Marc Sabatella's weekly MuseScore livestream to demonstrate the current state of my project, and discovered a bug in my code live on the air—measure numbers were incorrect starting after a measure group.

This was a mystery to figure out because there didn't seem to be any models to follow

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Isaac Weiss GSoC 2020: Tree Model - Week 4 (scanElements refactoring)
2 weeks ago • 3 comments

Hello there! This is the latest blog in my series of GSoC blog posts.

Last week, I had planned that I will be working on refactoring the scanElements function using the score tree functions. I was able to nearly complete it but just near the end of the week, I found an interesting bug, because of which I'll have to make some changes either to the tree model or some code in Page or Measure classes. So it'll probably take

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kartikay.kumar.944 GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 3, Take off
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Greetings! Let me tell you what has happened in the magical world of Albums last week :-)

Last week's progress

I spent last week trying to track down and fix test failures and performance issues. I am happy to report that both problems have been dealt with. The latest version of my branch has successfully passed all tests (including tst_albums). In addition to that, I resolved the noticeable performance degradation in album-mode when more than 3-4 scores were present

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Sergios - Anes…