Weird import results - score attached

• May 8, 2014 - 20:59

Kind of trying to get a score completed before May 30, and I'm taking my files from Cakewalk to create piano scores. The score is attached, and I just wanna see if anybody else can replicate the following behaviors and elucidate me on the proper way to continue.

PIANO, BAR 5 - instead of a whole rest, I have a half, quarter, and sixteenth. This is what the program gave me after hitting delete on the measure, and I can't seem to make the measure a whole rest to start over with the scoring without carrying crazy unneeded rests over into the next measure. I've been going through the whole score measure by measure this way, and it's driving me insane - I'll fix something on one measure, and it'll screw up the next measures (in BAR6, for instance, changing the first quarter note into a sixteenth, which turns the next quarter to a sixteenth if I fix it - I know this can't be some sort of mathematical bug - measure 6 is just four quarters on the bottom line)

BAR 7 - after the barline, if you see it like I do, there's a phantom half and quarter rest on the treble piano line. Bar 8 after has a half rest at the end of the line, and turning it into a quarter (as it should be) deletes notes in the next bar.

Those are two of the big problems on this import, and the behavior carries over from bar to bar, so I've essentially got to enter the music in by hand, which is what I was trying to avoid.

Any thoughts?


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