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• Jun 9, 2020 - 16:57


So, for years (ever since I discovered sound fonts) I have tried finding adequate mallet percussion sounds. Specifically --> marimba, vibraphone, and crotales (if not, bells). The ones I come across either have a harsh attack, sounding like a xylo, or are rounder and warmer in sound (as if being used with the soft mallets) though the high register becomes inaudible. Cons outweigh the pros...

I decided to attempt to make my own sound font. I downloaded the University of Iowa yarn-marimba sound files and used those to create a Marimba sound font. It seems I followed all of the directions I could find however when loaded into MuseScore, it all sounds like dead strokes (or very abrupt sound cuts, I cannot explain it.)

May anyone know how to resolve this? Or otherwise direct me to some spicy marimba (and/or vibe) sound fonts?


I found SSO's marimba and vibraphone to be pretty accurate, though I found a percussion library a few years back with a really nice marimba patch; I'll link it if I ever find the source again. I'm pretty sure University of Iowa has a crotales sound font as I remember downloading one from them (it seems to be brass/hard metal mallets only; no hard/rubber or bowed sounds).

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One of the documentations I found read this:
New Horizon Orchestra by Anthony Deaton.
Original Samples Provided by:
. . .
Marimba --- University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios

Link seems to lead to nowhere though. You are on the right track with the sound files, though I never made my own soundfont so I can't help you much there. I heard people like to use Polyphone for that.

You could upload a sample score to with the custom sound included so that the effect can be heard. Without hearing the problem it's hard to make any suggestions.

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