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• Jul 25, 2020 - 10:50

Hi there
1. Is there anyway to lock the playback tempo in MuseScore? When I'm working on an arrangement, I have to set the playback tempo every time. It would be great not to have to! There's nothing on it here:

  1. More fundamentally, are the bpm readings in Play Panel accurate? We have found that when we spurt out a MuseScore mp3 at 135bpm to use as a guide track, it doesn't line up with 135bpm in Reaper or our video editing software. It would help greatly if we could play back at an accurate bpm tempo.

Please help!


The Tempo is set in the score. You can then - optionally - change the playback speed to hear how a piece might sound at different speeds or to skip quickly through a piece to aid editing.

The Tempo is saved in the score and remains the same when you close and then open it agsin later. The playback speed resets to 100% much like the visual zoom for a document might reset to 100%.

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Thanks both, we've figured it out now.
BTW I didn't think the manual was explicit enough. It wasn't entirely obvious whether 'setting tempo' is just about marking text in the score or actually affects the playback - as I now see it does. Might be worth rewording.
Thanks again.

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