Trumpet Mutes

• Aug 14, 2020 - 00:53

How do we put trumpet mutes into the score?


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Thanks. The information was helpful and I was able to use this for the current project. However there are several trumpet mutes used by composers and trumpet players. The ones I regularly see in music are :- Straight, Cup , Bucket and Harmon mutes and there are also probably a few more The Harmon mute can be used with the plunger in or out or the plunger removed altogether, (which has a beautiful mellow soft sound). I have also seen music where straight and harmon mutes are used in the same music composition. Each of the mutes provide their own distinctive tone colour and add to the music experience and this might be something the Musescore team might want to consider for a future improvement. If you were to consider this, then it would also be good to be able to change a mute in the actual trumpet part rather than using a separate track. However, that might be asking for too much from an already excellent program.

Thanks again for your response.

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I can't speak for the MuseScore developers, but I do know that VST support is currently being worked on for MuseScore 4. When that releases, I would imagine there would inherently be a lot more support for multiple types of mutes (and many other types of playing techniques, if you had the right sound libraries of course).

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