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• Sep 6, 2020 - 01:52

I have a suggestion, i made years ago. When a person right clicks on a note, all the options for that note (dynamics, accents, velocity,etc) should pop up right there for the user to chose. No need to go to palette for each and then go to inspector.

Also, once a dynamic is chosen in the score, arrow up should change it to higher velocity, arrow down, to lower velocity. If you lower it past its specified articulation (say u lowered velocity from
120 to 40), then Musecore should automatically replace the current written dynamic with the one appropriate for the new velocity selected.

Alternatively, for dynamics playback, there should be curved velocity line that allows a person to shape it as desired, then the hight of the curve will translate to dynamics written automatically in the score. This way, in one shot, composers chose their playback sound by ear, and the written form (dynamics and hairpins) follows inteligently. The curve could have an amplitude coordinate labeled with a velocity scale.


I like the last idea. But I think I would only want it to apply to playback. That is if I were to have real players perform it. The velocity line would clutter the score. Real player only need basic instructions in order to play musically. A computer needs all the help it can get. And then some.

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The velocity line should be a tool to expedite the dynamic placement and fine tune playback. The line should not appear on the final score, unless desired. The score will show the dynamics, which would be automatically placed on the score corresponding to the discrete Y axis values of the curve.

Example. Label Y coordinate from 0-200.
Subdivide the Y axis equally, every 10 units. Label first subdivision at velocity =10, pppp. Label second subdivision at Velocity= 20, ppp. Label third subdivision at Velocity= 30, pp....... label velocity=180, fff. Label Velocity velocity=190, ffff.

So if on note one you want velocity 20, note one curve will indicate ppp. If for note 7 you move the curve up to the range of 30-39, your score will automatically indicate pp at note 7. Each time your velocity curve crosses a subdivision, say from 39 to 40, your score will get a new dynamic indication, in this case p.

I envision the curve movement can be point by point, or you can chose to freeze the curve and move the whole curve, or highlighted regions as one unit. Freezing the curve, or a highlighted portion of it allows a section of music to move up or down, but within the highlighted region, points keep their relative velicity constant.

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