Cannot use the sforzando shortcut

• Sep 2, 2020 - 23:43

This will lead you to save as and the dynamic shortcut is not in the preferences.


There are no shortcuts for dynamics. I think there is work being done to allow a more versatile shortcut function for 4.0 like allowing shortcuts for palette items but I'm not making promises at this point.

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To add a dynamics letter to a dynamic, put the cursor where you want the letter and press ctrl+shift+ the letter. This applies only to dynamics letters - m,f,p,z,s,r,n - and I usually miss one when I don't look it up. MuseScore does not adjust the velocity based upon the new dynamic, that is up to you.

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To be clear: all the shortcuts mentioned: Ctrl+Shift+S,F,P,M and so forth - they all work while editing text. Doesn't even have to be dynamics, can be any text. Also Ctrl+Shift+b for flat, Ctrl+Shift+# for sharp. These aren't shortcuts for adding new elements to a score, they are shortcuts for inserting a character into text your are currently editing.

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MuseScore sometimes becomes confused when a shortcut has different meanings in different contexts. I suggest that you start with a different dynamic like "sf" and edit that rather than adding s to a dynamic.

WAIT! - ctrl+shift+s doesn't save, the default is ctrl+s

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