Accessibility features for "Score Creation Wizard" Window

• Sep 14, 2020 - 03:12

Quick question: Do you plan on offering accessibility features for the "score creation wizard" windows? I ask this because it is EXTREMELY difficult for me to see the text on the "score creation wizard" windows especially since I am visually impaired. Any answers would be much appreciated.


The entire user interface is being redesigned for version 4.0 and making it easier for the visually impaired seems to be a priority.

Can you say which text in particular you are having trouble with? It should obey all the standard settings for increasing font size elsewhere in the application or the OS. Also, not sure if you use a screen reader or not, but it should work with most of those as well.

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What method did you use to increase the font size in the application? Actually, first, what OS are you on, and what version of MuseScore? It should be the case with any recent version of MuseScore (current is 3.5) that if you increase the overall font size in your OS, MuseScore's text all responds accordingly. Or, if you go to Edit / Preferences / General within MuseScore, you can increase the size of the fonts used throughout MuseScore only (if you prefer the rest of your system to use smaller fonts). Either way, the change should affect all text - not just this dialog, but also other dialogs, the menus, the palettes labels, the fields in the Inspector, etc. I just tried on my system (using the font size setting in Edit / Preferences / General) and it worked as expected, including the new score wizard. So, for instance, changing that font size from the default (on my system) of 9 to 16 made the menus, palette labels, and dialog contents - including the instruments, titles, numbers of windows, etc) - all get bigger.

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