What files should appear when selecting 'Opne'

• Sep 15, 2020 - 17:51

Hi, For all previous versions of MuseScore, when one selected the 'Open' icon to select which files to work on or play back, only the MuseScore files would appear as expected. Now for some reason, an additional set of files, that have what appears to be a PDF icon also appears. The names in these files are the same as the Musescore ones and they start with a 'dot'. The appearance of these extra files make it inconvenient to find the file one is searching. These extra files never appeared before. This might not be a MuseScore problem - but rather an operating system one, but if you are able to help me hide these files so that they never appear, always like it used to be I would be grateful. It is possible to hide them by selecting Musescore files from the drop down menu above the 'Open' and 'Cancel' tabs at the bottom right, but you have to do this every time you want to open a file.




These are the backup files MuseScore has always created but marks as hidden. MuseScore didn't formerly allow you to open backup files. now, by popular request it does. It also places all new backup files in a separate folder so they don't clutter the display. but older backup files you current would need to move manually if you prefer not to see them. Just move them to the ".mscbackup" folder that MuseScore now creates for its backups.

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