Musescore crashes when trying to insert measure at specific point

• Oct 3, 2020 - 21:04

When trying to insert a measure before measure 12, musescore crashes. On measure 11 it is fine. I thought i might have to do with the slur but deleting it doesn't help

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830_-_Vragen coupletten samen.mscz 31.52 KB


First of all, it's a tie (not a slur) - but you're right that deleting it doesn't help.

The problem is the melisma after the word "vraag". If you delete the melisma, you can insert a measure successfully.

This "crash on insert new measure" is definitely a bug, and it happens even if the melisma is not carried over a system break (just over a barline). Perhaps you could report the bug on the Issue Tracker?

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