Dynamics change with new version

• Oct 6, 2020 - 21:18

Not sure if this is bug, but...

My old PC died. I saved all files from v 3.4.3 and returned with a new box. I had to download v 3.5.

I noticed on orchestral pieces that the dynamics change, seemingly at random with certain instruments, even though the mixer and synth settings are the same.

Why does this happen? What can I do to correct this?

Certain files were remedied when I opened from file instead of app. Certain files did not remedy that way.

Windows 10.



There is no 3.4.3.
With Dynamic range you mean whether they alloy to staff, part or system? That should not change willy-nilly
opened from file instead of app what does that mean?

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Thanks for responding, Jo-jo. I think maybe it was 3.2.3?

Normally I open the file from the application. I can also open it from the MusceScore/Scores, in which case the app pops up with the particular file loaded. I do this rarely when a fault occurs.

In this case I re-adjusted the velocities and it seems to work for now.

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