• Oct 17, 2020 - 21:47

Is there a way to set my staccatos to always place under the note by default. Right now, anytime I place a staccato its always above and I have to change it every time. I know that inspector there is a way to set below the chord as the style but that changes it for all articulations and I only want it for staccatos.


No. You'll need to right click a staccato, use Select>More... and make only staccato selected and change it's location to below chord in the inspector if you want to move several at a time. I suggest you right click a staccato you want to move to start.

To be clear though; the default stacvcato is not always above. It's to place it on the notehead side, which is the standard in most contexts. So, above for notes with stem down, above for notes with stem up. Exception is if there are multiple voices - then the standard is for staccato to be on the outside, so above for stems up, below for stems down. Percussion music can occasionally have its own standards for placement of articulations in general, but then, I would think staccato would be rare for percussion?

Anyhow, the point is, the default definitely isn't always above unless you've somehow changed something. If you attach your score we can understand and assist better.

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