How to compile Musescore on Win10?

• Nov 3, 2020 - 01:37

I want to try out a branch that will be part of 3.6, but I'm having trouble compiling Musescore master in the first place. The readme tells me to use make release but make is not a recognized command by Windows. I tried installing GnuWin but it still doesn't work even after a restart. I also tried using Visual Studio but...I honestly have not idea what I'm doing there. Is there an alternate way?


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I've run into a snag. I installed everything the Visual Studio Compile guide told me to, but Visual Studio didn't actually create a folder called msvc.build_x64 inside the Musescore checkout folder. Nothing output to the terminal besides Qt when I opened the folder.

Edit: I'll use the Cmake troubleshooter and see if that works
Edit: I had to edit the CppProperties file to use 64 bit instead of 32 bit. Might have done that when attempting to compile without proper instructions earlier.
Edit: Still didn't create the folder listed in the dev document. Is it up to date? It created some cmake file thingies in .\out\build\x64-Release but no .sln. I tried to do a "Build All" after reopening the folder and it gave me "ninja" errors. I feel like I need a clean slate.

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