missing Time Signature, insert missing Time Signature without changing all measures.

• Nov 24, 2020 - 18:01

Downloaded a file in Musescore, import PDF.
Only one serious error in the imported music.
Screenshot from 2020-11-24 18-52-04.png
Screenshot from 2020-11-24 18-48-48.png
The double a-c note in the last image was a 3/2 sign in the first image.

The only thing is to replace the a-c double note with a time signature 3/2.
But that results in a rebuild of all measures after the time signature.
How to insert a Time signature 3/2 without changing all those measures?


Inserting a time signature always will rebuild the measures affected by it, as they are now (in almost all cases) of a different length by definition.

Why wouldn't you want it to do so?

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So the action would be to first remove that additional AC chord by selecting it (rectangle around it) and then use the "Remove Selected Range" command. After which that measure duration will also be 3/2.
If you then apply the 3/2 time signature you'd indeed see the measures being rewritten (as that simply is what happens when changing a time signature), which results in your case in the barlines being reset to default. All other notation should stay pretty much identical.

Note that from the pictures you've provided there are possibly more things incorrect. Those dynamics attached above the staff should've likely been dynamics on the lower part of the staff above. The key signature change is not in the correct space..

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