[Text input] Shortcuts for note durations

• Nov 25, 2020 - 19:18

Shortcuts for note durations would allow changing metronome marks more easily.
What do you think about adding them?

I can think of two ways the shortcuts could be thought (I like the second one better):

  1. Text entry shortcut numbers equal note fractions: ctrl+shift+1 for whole notes, ctrl+shift+2 for half notes, ctrl+shift+4 for quarter notes and ctrl+shift+8 for eighth notes.
  2. Text entry shortcut numbers equal default shortcuts for notes in note entry: ctrl+shift+7 for whole, ctrl+shift+8 for half, etc.

Also, ctrl+shift+. for augmentation dot


For consistency I would suggest that the note durations be the same as for note entry, ctrl+shift+4 = 8th note, ctrl+shift+5 = 1/4 note and so on. These are used in other situations like advancing for chord and figured bass entry. ctrl+shift+. is a good idea for the augmentation dot.

I'd rather have those shortcuts configurable rather than hardcoded. IMHO we should restrict the hardcoded shortcuts down to the absolute minimum.

I'm wondering to what extent this might borrow from the recent (pending) work on the time signatures entry, where you enter notes by bracketing them [4] is a quarter etc..
Although I'm aware a certain "Tantacrul" would likely have a say about the unnaturalness of having to write some kind of "code" in there.

I'd also rather see this as a real shortcut than a hardcoded one (just like with the Synalepha recently) because there are those users that change the duration shortcuts, and then this set likely wouldn't be "logical" to them any longer..

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Ah yes, but I'd rather fix the shortcut editor to take into account the allowed states for the action when checking for conflicts (do we have an issue for that in the tracker?) that branding these shortcuts as hardcoded for the foreseeable future.

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I'll be happy to make an issue in the tracker concerning shortcuts. There are other problems, like plugins and others shortcuts don't know each other exist and shortcuts assigned to plugins are sometimes activated while in text entry mode. I have a list in my head and I'll double check them as I work on the issue.

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