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• Nov 26, 2020 - 17:01

Hello Mike320. I would like to suggest that the musescore write and touch the jaw with alteration. I made the jaw with an alteration with the F2 palette as follows: I clicked on the note -> Add Menu -> Text -> Tariff Text -> F2 and chose the accident on the palette. Then, just drag the accident onto the clamp but the musescore only touches the simple clamp.

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Texto em português: Eu gostaria de sugerir que o musescore escrevesse e tocasse o mordente com alteração. Fiz o mordente com uma alteração (#) com a paleta F2 da seguinte forma: Cliquei na nota -> Menu Adicionar -> Texto -> Texto de pauta -> F2 e escolhi o acidente na paleta. Em seguida, arrastei o acidente para o mordente, mas o musescore apenas toca o mordente simples.

I understand that you added a mordent with a sharp accidental above the mordent to indicate that the top note is to be played sharp. MuseScore does not support this playback. There are some workarounds possible such as those found at, which is in English.

I suggest that you stay in the Portuguese forum unless I ask you to post in the English forum in the future since musical terms are so poorly translated by most translator programs.

Check it out through the translator and I'll do my best to clarify anything you don't understand. You can either continue this thread since you started here or start a new thread on the Portuguese forum.

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