Location of inline key signature change pushed to second volta

• Nov 27, 2020 - 22:35

I have a score I am copying and there is an inline key change in a measure that is also a begin repeat that follows directly after the second volta of a previous repeat. (Three measures in a row, m1, m2, and m3.) The barline between m2 and m3 is a begin repeat. There is also a key signature change in m3. m1 and m2 are under the second volta of a previous repeat. The key signature is to the left of the begin repeat bar line but the second volta no longer extends all the way to the barline. It is as if the key signature is placed in no mans land white space to the right of where m2 would normally end. So in adding white space to include the signature before the bar line, the volta is truncated and never reaches the barline. Trivial issue but then again the score I am copying shows the key signature change to the right of the begin repeat bar line. I have read why Musescore does not do this but there are consequences (probably only in appearance.) See included screen image.

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You can actually select a note, like one of the notes in m3 and click the time signature and it will appear to the right of the repeat barline. Since this applies it only to the current staff, you'll need to do this on each staff.

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I see, it does make an exception for start repeats. So you need to make sure the key signature is applied to all staves and use x offsets and turn off auto placement for the key signatures to make it look right. Check out the attached for one that looks like what you want. Marc's opinion is not universal and Gould is what one publishing company practices basically.

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Unless the key changes a second time within the repeated section, it is placed correctly. If it does change a second time, then you currently need the workaround to place it to the right. But as I understand it, your main question is about the length of the volta. I'm not sore sure it should extend - the key signature is not really part of this measure. And if this were the last measure of the system that would be even more apparent - you'd have a double barline at the end of the system with a courtesy key signature after the double barline, and it would be clear the volta should only extend to the barline. But I can easily believe different editors might choose to handle these differently in terms of the volta lengths. BTW, note there really is no specific requirement the volta cover the full measure, and many editors don't.

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There is another situation I have seen where a key change between bar lines. Can't recall the details but I think it may be when there is a bar line that is both an and and a start (simultaneous.) In that situation the key change appears in what is not a measure but looks like it because there are bar lines at either end. But the ending and beginning are now separated by space with the key signature but no notes. So not a measure but odd appearance which in my limited exposure, I have not seen in print scores. Guess this happens as you say because it is normal to place the signature to the left of the bar line of the measure in which it applied.

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