Hairpin does not position properly when it is combined with breath mark and rest mark

• Dec 3, 2020 - 04:47

When a hairpin is followed by rest or breath mark, it should automatically stop before the rest or breath mark. But in MuseScore, the hairpin routinely goes over the rest or breath (see the attached). That is wrong. Sometimes, the length and position of the hairpin can be adjusted successfully with manual tinkering. However, this does not always work (this is because the auto-positioning is on, but that is really annoying). Please see the examples.

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Hairpin - correct.png 7.99 KB
Hairpin - wrong.png 8.1 KB


Interestingly enough, my version of MuseScore places dynamics below the staff so there is no interference with things that normally go above the staff. Like breath marks. In the wrong version, do the dynamics and breath mark work in playback?

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Yes, having lyrics below the staves is the reason why the dynamics and hairpins are placed above the staves. By the way, this placement does not happen automatically for vocal staves. That is annoying, too. Every time, it has to be re-set manually.

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