Musical forms and how to write them

• Dec 28, 2020 - 23:30

Hello everyone, I need help. So I can compose, but I don't really know the proper way. I have been told I have a "good ear" for my age, I enjoy composing and I would really want to learn how to do it correctly. For right now I would like to learn musical forms. If you can please explain what they are and how to write them. And if you can you would really help me out. So if you can, try to explain to a 11 year old what a,


is and how to write it, thank you so much



Hello! Really, the only ones from that list that have a reasonably specific definition are sonata, minuet, and waltz. But I would also say that in order to learn what's involved would take much more than I think anyone would care to try to type up in a forum post. Instead, I can suggest the Wikipedia articles on these subject, or any similar references you can find online, where people have already taken the time to write things up in great detail. For sonata, see not just the main Sonata article, but especially the one on "Sonata form". it is quite thorough.

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And I would add this: Yes, form is important. But more than that, write what you would want to hear. Form is a way to organize a piece of music. And yet if you haven't written good things to fill the form, the result won't be good either. The fun part is that you get to decide what is good. So write it. Make every note count.

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