Is it possible to input such kinds of time signatures?

• Jan 26, 2021 - 08:16

I'm now producing examples of a braille music notation manual for braille translation software developers. When I came to the following examples, I was stuck because I'm unable to produce them in Musescore. The edit box of the time signature property doesn't allow both space and SMUFL notehead characters, so I'm completely unable to do them. Should I launch a feature request, or is there a way to produce them? I don't want the fake thing like dragging symbols or SMUFL characters to attached to the first note of a bar, which will not help braille translation at all. Thanks!


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No, not as suggested there. The OP wants to be able to write '3+4/8' but with a space instead of the '+'. This does not work (but it works with a '+'), and is not suggested in that ticket as far as I could see.

The OP also proposed to be able to use quarter not and eighth note symbols instead of "8" and "4", like 3/𝅘𝅥 or 4/𝅘𝅥𝅮, this also does not work.

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So, should I add a feature request or an issue so that this can be looged? In fact, the notehead and dotted notehead types of time signature can be represented in Musicxml, so Musescore should have the same ability. For the others which can't be represented in Musicxml, Musescore should also be able to do, so that the future implementation of interchangeable formats can keep up with it. Many new notation should be implemented as standard way, so both engravers and braille conversion can be much easier on it.

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