MuseScore 3.6 native dialog problem on Linux Mint 20.1

• Jan 27, 2021 - 18:05

I never saw this problem with MuseScore 3.5 .
Today i started running MuseScore- on LinuxMint 20.1 and
File->Save As consistently comes up with a popup that is transparent except for the window frame!
... and thus unusable.
Fortunately i found and
which gave me a clue to try Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced and turn off ui/application/useNativeDialogs.
Now a dialog comes up which is quite usable.
It is not however the same (presumeably "native") dialog that worked just fine in MuseScore 3.5
(most recently MuseScore-
So i'm guessing something got broken between 3.5 and 3.6 ...
This could be a showstopper to many users.


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