Export does not work..

• Apr 27, 2020 - 09:38

Exports pdf files only, even if I select midi or mp3 or any other file type from the drop down menu. I have installed and reinstall several Times, the same problem appears again and again. I am Running the latest version of musescore, on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.


What version exactly (Help > About)? Export does work in all supported formats for every one else as far as I can tell.
Also reinstalling rarely helps, reverting to factory setting much more often so

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Hi! Thank you for your response. It is version 3.4.2. Actually I did revert to Factory settings, no luck with that though.In the export menu -no matter what I choose as an output file type- the extension of the filename does not change, It is always pdf. Any guidance it would be precious, in order to solve that. Apart from this issue, musescore is an Excellent editor..

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Yes. The problem is what you described as : "Maybe the file dialog has a bug, you can try to switch to another dialog type in Edit > Preferences Advanced > ui/application/useNativeDialogs".
With the box unchecked I I was able to export midi file under different menu this time. I have not checked yet other export file options . Please leave this discussion open until I check the full functionality and report here, in order to help others users dealing with the same bug.
Thanks a lot for your help so far, highly appreciated.

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Isn't ui/application/useNativeDialogs being unchecked the default for Linux? At least it used to be.
Checked is (and was) the default for Windows (and IIRC macOS too) though and in the current code I can't see any special treatment for Linux (anymore?)

Ah, seems as of 3390aab3 (as per git blame, to fix #292912: File dialogs bookmarks are not saved and mess other applications bookmarks) this no longer is the case, so not anymore as of MuseScore 3.4

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