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• Feb 13, 2021 - 11:16

Hello! When playing scores on musescore app on android, there is a soundfont which is different from the one in the musescore computer application as well as the website playback. I would like to ask if it is possible to get this soundfont from android and use it on computer, and if anyone has done it before. I like some of the sounds in the Android soundfont so I hope this is possible. Many thanks!


The mobile apps have a builtin soundfont, trimmed down in size and therefor reduced in quality (but apparently can use another one too, see
As the app is closed source, it is not possible to tell what exactly that internal soundfont is or where to get it.
It might just be the MuseScore 1.x default soundfont, TimGM6mb, which you can get via

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Sorry for the misleading answer, it took me some time to understand that the MuseScore default soundfont and Android midi player's default soundfont are two different things.

In the meanwhile, after installing the Android app and playing a few scores both on this and on a PC version with TimGM6mb.sf2 set at the top of the soundfont list, there's no audible difference between the two. So most probably this TimGM6mb that you have indicated is the right answer to the original question.

It’s “4GMGSMT.SF2” (4MB GMGSMT), “Four MB General MIDI bankwith GS and MT32 variation tones” by Tim Swartz, Mike Struble, Ed Dickie © 1996 E-mu Systems, Inc.

You can find it on the ’net by searching for the .SF2 filename above. I found it in a PKZIP archive (on ibiblio), and it’s the same file. They are also apparently included on the “SB Live! Value CD” distributed with some Creative Labs SoundBlaster sound cards.

I won’t publish this myself, as it’s under copyright and doing so could be… interesting. I don’t think legal.

There’s also a 6554-byte soundfont for the metronome.

As a side note, the APK also includes Arial… wonder what has to say about that…

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