How does the search function work?

• Jun 25, 2014 - 23:47

Hi. Nice program. I am using version 1.1. I've been trying it out for a few days now and it is a lot of fun. I can't seem to use the search function properly. I am not talking about the search on the forum but the one under Edit in the Musescore program. The search comes up from there or with Control + F. But it doesn't seem to do anything. There is a big red X next to it. It saves my search terms but does not turn up any results.


Enter a measure number into the box and it will 'find' it. Good for lengthy scores.
Probably works the same for MuseScore 1.1 (an older version).

Thanks for responding. I tried it out and it works to find the measure number. Not bad. I guess I thought it could find songs by the text. But I suppose that the most natural way when working with scores is to refer to measure numbers. I am new to this and have many more questions. Is it OK if I just talk about those questions in this one thread, rather than posting new threads for everything that I need to know? And can I make suggestions for improvements? I don't know how to code, but I can tell you what works for me and what is difficult to understand. If that might help you,

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Generally, you should first watch the tutorial videos and/or read the Handbook. Then if you still have questions on a specific topic, you could try searching the forums to see if others have asked the same question. If not, then ask here - and one question per thread with a relevant title is best, so the next person searching for answers to the same question will be able to find the question and answer better.

Feel free to make suggestions too.

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Thanks for those suggestions. I have watched the videos and searched the forums for answers to my questions. What if I change the Subject field for every question? Then, won't my posts come up in a search? For example, I will change enter the words "Change time signature" into the subject field and then proceed with this question: I am not able to change from 4/4 to 3/4 time using the palette. Other palette items are OK - such as bar lines. But the time signature from the palette will not stick when I drag it to the measure.

Now, I will try searching for "Change time signature" and see if this post shows in the results. EDIT: Well, that did not work. I guess I will have to make a thread for each new question.

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You have to position the signature directly onto the measure, not in front of it, and release when the measure highlights. Probaly you aren't getting the measure to highlight.

Changing the subject is not a bad thing, but still, even if it shows up in a search, having to find just the right response in a potentially very long thread (if multpiple questions are involved) makes it hard. It really does go more smoothly with separate threads for separate topics.

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