Metronome count in

• Jul 11, 2016 - 05:02

Musescore needs a Metronome count-in feature. This would play the metronome for one measure before starting the score.

Yes - I know that I could manually insert a count-in measure with a drum beat, but I am lazy and I would prefer to just click a button when I playback.



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That feature is nice, for sure, but if you export the playback as an mp3, you lose that - i.e. the track just starts at the first actual note. Do you know any way to get it to save the count-in on an exported file? It seems like this should be (optionally, perhaps?) a feature of the score itself (without resorting to adding measures of notes and work-arounds like that).

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Thanks very much for those links; they were very helpful. One suggestion I might try is to just use Audacity to record the MuseScore playback with the lead-in metronome. Seems a bit round-about, but I think it might work pretty well. :)

Edit: I tried the Audacity record and it does work very well. Only trouble, of course, is that it is "real time" so you have to sit and listen to the entire piece play in order to capture it. But for a quick and dirty method to get an mp3 with a count-in track, it does the trick.

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