Change Menu Color

• Mar 6, 2021 - 12:25

I'm trying to get Musescore to be darker so it won't hurt my eyes when I'm using it at night. I found another thread asking about a dark mode, where they said to look into settings > advanced, and using the configuration there, I was able to change the color of the page and the background around the page, but I've changed about every entry that could conceivably have an effect on menu color, but it still stayed the same. I also found this old entry

Where they said to edit a line into the config file, but it is written for Musescore 2, so the same procedure probably won't work now. I've seen screenshots with black menus, can someone tell me how to get there?

I am using Linux with a dark Gnome theme, if that's of any importance.


FWIW, I just discovered the other day that my Chromebook has a "high-contrast mode" accessibility setting that reverses all colors across all apps, and it works with Linux. It's an interesting look, as not only does it flip black and white, but all colors get replaced by their complements. Meaning the blue we use for our main selection color turns orange.

Unfortunately the screenshot utility doesn't seem to recognize this so I can't easily show a picture.

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