String instrument bowing symbol default placement

• Mar 6, 2021 - 18:39

I do have a strong suggestion for improvement: Currently, the default placement of bow markings (up bow & down bow) is quite far above the notes. This is NOT how bow markings usually appear in sheet music for string instruments. I have been having to click and drag every single one to a much lower placement (much closer above the notes). Please change the default setting of this to be lower, as it usually appears in sheet music. Thank you!


Currently bow markings don't have their own style setting; they instead share settings with other articulations. So there is no specific way to set a different default for them than for other articulations. However, they are currently set to attach "above staff" as per the Inspector, and if you change that to "above chord", you might like the results better. So it for one then hit "set as style". You can also go to Format / Style / Articulations and alter some of the defaults there. Unfortunately we don't current;y have separate settings for each and every articualtion, so a lot of the settings are shared, and it might taker a little tweaking to get the results you personally prefer for your own scores. Feel free to attach one and we can then advise better.

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Are there articulations you feel are adversely affected if you hit the set as style button? I haven't noticed any. The only thing I notice being affected are trills and other similar ornaments, and I think they are set inappropriately as well by default. So it seems to me to be just a good all-around improvement.

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