Trim with svg output

• Mar 10, 2021 - 15:46

I wonder, does the trim option (-T) of the command line tool work for you?

I have just started experimenting, and for some of my scores, it doesn't produce the correct bounding box in the svg output. For newly created documents it seems to work. PNG is always fine. I am still working to create a minimal failing example, which I hope to post here soon.

UPDATE: My suspicion is that multi-page scores produce wrong bounding boxes, while single-page scores work.


In reply to by Marc Sabatella

Well, thanks a million for implementing it. I'm using it very effectively for creating educational material. It's something that sets MuseScore years ahead of all its competitors (even though this benefit may not be widely recognized).

Why multi-page? Well, it's handy for keeping related, short exercises together, but I need to arrange them on the page as separate objects. Anyway, it does work with png.

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