Importing GuitarPro tab changes fret positions

• Mar 14, 2021 - 19:41


When importing a guitar pro file (.gp), the imported content in MuseScore has completely different fret positions as in the original tab. Notes have the correct pitch just not on the same fret. It seems to me as during the import only the pitches were considered and after that fret positions were distributed based on some algorithm.

Is there a way to import while keeping tabs as is? Am I doing something wrong? Only thing I did was open MuseScore -> Open -> select .gp file.

If needed I'm happy to attach the .gp file as an example. I'm on version 3.6.2.

Thank you!

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"Is there a way/setting to keep the fret positions the same as in the original gp file?"

Not currently. You have to editing fret positions in MuseScore.

EDIT: well, I go back to what I said above. Indeed, after testing (from a very simple new file created with GP7), I note:

  • Fret positions are lost by saving in .gp format (GP7) - in part : Bass
  • Fret positions are saved by exporting in .gpx format (GP6) - in part too : Bass LA.gpx
  • Ditto, works by exporting in format XML: Bass LA.xml

I must admit that I didn't remember that (that it worked with GP6 and not GP7). An oversight maybe, I don't
know? So, kind of regression, which worths to be reported in the Issue Tracker.

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