The correct way to name music scores that are to be played back as MP3 from a usg drive in a specific order

• Mar 17, 2021 - 09:35

I am having difficulties (SEVERE) with the playback from ALL my Muse Score scores using a LENOXX Bluetooth DVD HI-FI system.
1. I write the score using the latest version 3 from the hard copy original sheet music of the song. Usually, piano instrument only
2. I then export to the MP3 conversion part of MuseScore. This part of the software is incredible as is ALL of it.
3. When I have enough songs, usually 20 plus, I send/store/file these songs onto a USB flash drive in the order I want (I have tried the titles in different alpha and numerical listings in all ways possible).
4. This USB flash drive is then placed into the USB slot on the LENOXX Bluetooth DVD HI-FI system for playback.
5. The original order chosen is now TOTALLY re-arranged in ANY order on the USB drive. What am I doing wrong?
6. If I place a standard song CD in the CD section of the Lenoxx it plays 1 to 20 or A to Z every time. What has the standard CD got that I have not got from the MuseScore conversion to MP3?
7. The USB drive plays ALL my songs but not in the order I want?
8. I am doing all this to play for the various senior citizens in care at the many care homes in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I play clarinet and the recorded piano/voices etc act as my backup. I don’t have to wait for a pianist who may not be available on any given day. I just switch on and play… and there’s the rub, the order is all screwed up. I do not know how to write the titles down in the correct way for the playback to be numeric or alpha.
I do hope you can advise me but I have a sinking feeling the problem is with the Lenoxx unit and I cannot really afford to buy a new/different one. Thank you for any help you can give
Sincere Regards
Barry D Austin


Anything past step 2 has nothing to do with MuseScore anymore.

One thing you can try is to look into the ID3-tags for your songs, for which I believe a track number entry field exists, but is not filled by the MuseScore exporter.
If you're on windows, you should be able to access/alter that information from the File Properties dialog of such an mp3 file.

That player probably plays them in alphabethical order from a thumb drive I guess. From an (audio) CD it would play them in the recording order

As mentioned, this really has nothing to do with MuseScore, it's more a question of learning how this particular device chooses to play songs from a USB drive. My guess is the default would be alphabetical. In which case, the easiest solution is usually to add a two-digit number to the front of your MP# filenames when exporting them. So, 01-song-you-want-first.mp3, 02-song-you-want-second.mp3, etc. Use two digits (or even three) because otherwise you'll find 11-song-you-want-eleventh" comes after 1-song-you-want-first but before 2-song-you-want-second. The leading 0's are necessary for alphabetic order to work with numbers. Again, none of this has to do with MuseScore, it's just how one usually needs to create filenames to get a particular order to happen, using any program or any device.

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Many thanks Marc, I am in the process of trying that now. And thank you for responding even though this has nothing to do with MuseScore. I feared that that would be the case and I understand why. MuseScore is such a fantastic program and I am learning more every day. I have copied, transposed and written almost 200 scores for this project and I do not intend to give up yet... even if I have to purchase a better playback unit that WILL stay in the order I put it. Thank you again Barry A

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