Better organizing and style add-on for teachers

• Mar 24, 2021 - 00:25

I am a teacher and I use musescore more and more with distance learning it has become a tool for me.
But I find, as I have more and more uploads, it difficult to get organized :(
I would really like to be able to use label and/or folders for all my unlisted material and be able to share it’s content with my students.

And also their should be an « Educational » option in styles, as my stuff has no specific style it’s not pop it’s not classical it’s educational :)

Thank you 😊


uploads meaning to Then please see and ask your questions about organizational feature for that site over on that site.

As for a custom style; Set up one score the way you like it for your "Educational" scores; then use the Save/Load style whenever you need that style for a score:…
Or save that score as a Template so you can simply select it as a starting point in the New Score Wizard.

Ok how can I reformulate...I'm mainly taking about my pro account SCORE MANAGER section. I would love to be able to have folders! Folders I can name, manage, put unlisted scores in and then share or embed. I need to be able to organize my unlisted scores in folders I can manage and view easily. Now it's still manageable with only 50 scores but I'm thinking when I have 200 it will be chaos.

In each score's details, they ask what "GENRE" and they offer genres like: Pop, classical, Blues etc... I would like it to have the "Educational" genre since it is what I create mostly.

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I will follow your suggestion, but I have no idea why....your talking like it's 2 different companies ?!?!
I am logged in with the same account, and I went for "feature suggestion" so how am I in the wrong place ??? This is confusing lol

There's something I am not understanding .....

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Not two different companies, exactly, just two different sites run by two totally different sets of people. Consider, Yamaha produces pianos and they also produce motorcycles. But you don't report suggestions regarding their piano to the forums they run for their motorcycles.

This site here - - is where we support the MuseScore notation editor. It is free software developed and supported mostly by volunteers who really have no connections whatsoever with the score-sharing website. And the people maintaining that website mostly have no connection whatsoever to the notation software.

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So ? I have several website with all sorts of dot com dot ca dot org what does it matter if it's the same account login ? .....and the same forname's all the same thing isn't ?

ah got it!....still looks like the same thing to me though lolol I'll read it and research it more after classe thanks !

What is the difference between and is home to the open source MuseScore program for Windows, macOS, Linux, and its developers, contributors and users community. Its forum is the ideal place to ask any question related to the MuseScore program. is a community site to share your sheet music with your friends via the web and for the mobile apps for iOS and Android. The site has social features such as embedding, commenting, annotating, statistics, groups. The site offers free accounts, but has a Pro Account for those who want more.

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(I understand the idea and I appreciate the support.
It is a bit confusing, however, that I log in on ".com" and I end up here on ".org" to post a question.
At first, I had no idea I was reading and commenting on a totally different platform until you called my attention on it on a different topic (and I thank you).
But it is confusing.
It would probably be best to have separate accounts with separate logins.
I'm grateful for your assistance and willingness to explain what is going on,
but they should understand the dilemma a new user has when occasionally arriving in town.
They should make it clearer.
It makes it easy for those assisting
and for those asking questions.

"I would really like to be able to use label and/or folders for all my unlisted material and be able to share it’s content with my students."
You should consider using Sets to sort your scores. When you initially upload a score to, you can use the option Add to / remove from set. Sets can be named as whatever you want: as if they are folders, or as if they cover different degrees of difficulty, or by which class they refer to, or by composer name...

As an example, the OpenScore Lieder Corpus has already uploaded 1100+ Public Domain songs by 150 composers, and has successfully organized them into clearly defined Sets:

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