Part focus for composers

• Apr 24, 2021 - 18:55

I'm entering a complex piece into MuseScore, and want to make sure the staff I've entered sounds right, esp. concerning dynamics and chords of the part. What I'd like to be able to do is listen to only on the part or staff that has the focus, BUT I want to hear it in relation to the other staves. This means reducing the channel volume of the other parts so I can hear how this part sounds.
If we could have a transport button that lowers the volume of the other staves say, 75%, it would be easier to hear any problems in my selected staff. It would be a simple toggle much like the Concert Pitch button.


This seems pretty special-purpose to me, but wouldn't it be the same as simply raising the individual staff volume (and possibly lowering the master) in the Mixer?

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That's the workaround I would have to use now. What I'm looking for is a simple button so as not to slow down inspiration. I definitely don't want to waste time potting down all channels except the one. I'd like not to have to touch the mixer when I'm composing.
Plus, I wouldn't consider it special-purpose. Auditioning one part or staff seems to me pretty universal in the hands of a composer using Musescore to write music with. I thought we were transitioning to that directive.

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I think most people use the Mute and Solo buttons for this - that to me is universal. Fiddling with volume levels is a much more subjective thing, it's something most people probably never do, and of the few who do, probably no two would agree what the appropriate amount should be. but certainly, worthy of further discussion, and if a consensus emerges, no reason it could be considered for inclusion someday. i was just confused because your post made it seems like you either weren't aware of the Mixuer or somehow thought of this as not a taste appropriate for the Mixer, when to me the whole notion of changing the relative volume of tracks is the definition of what a Mixer is for.

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