My custom palette has disappeared

• Apr 26, 2021 - 18:07

Today when using Musescore after a gap of a couple of weeks I find that my custom palette is missing - the basic and advanced ones still appear, but although my custom one is also listed in the drop-down list nothing shows when I select it. The panel is blank although it's the one I always use and should open with the program.

Up-to-date MS 3.6.2 on Windows 10


My guess is something went wrong with the file., It should be in a folder something like AppData\MuseScore\MuseScore3\workspaces. These files should be in ZIP format, you could try opening one and poking around. Or attach it here (might need to rename it) and someone else can.

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That's not the right folder, that's only for predefined workspaces. If you don't see them in AppData, maybe they are in some other hidden Windows-specific folder - unfortunately each system is different so I can't say for sure. But, the "Basic.workspace" file is a ZIp file, it just isn't named that way.

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AppData is a Windows folder that is hidden by default. To see it you will need to tick the Hidden Items box in the view menu of file explorer.

If you have a standard MuseScore3 installation and a standard Windows 10 installation, the AppData folder is located in C:\Users\[Username] where [Username] is what ever name your computer knows you by. In the AppData folder you will find another folder called Local and within that one called Musescore and within that one called Musescore3 and then finally within that one called Workspaces.

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Yeah I thought that might be the case. Normally I can R-click a zip file and Windows will extract it, but without the suffix it can't, of course. I need to download an extractor but as it is now past my bed-time I'll leave it till tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

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Yes, I fired up Musescore to start a new score, only to find the custom palette was missing. On this **** Win10 computer, programs sometimes hang for a bit when I try to close them, and this may well have happened when I last used MS about two weeks ago.

It is an inconvenience rather than a disaster to recreate the palette - this time I will make a backup now that I know where to find it. Many thanks for your help.

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