Ghost drum track - please exorcise!

• May 7, 2021 - 14:22

I'm starting a new transcription of Tin Tin Deo. I started by putting the clave in the drum stave, then decided I couldn't stand the sound and decided to switch to clave stave (though I'll need the drum stave later). But whatever I do I can't get rid of the snare drum clave sound. I have deleted the notes from the drum stave; unticked 'drums' in the instrument list; and muted the drums in the mixer. Still the Duracell bunny keeps going. Help! What am I missing?

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Tin_Tin_Deo (07.05.21) MASTER.mscz 24.82 KB


You have copied the snare notes into the (invisible) woodblock instrument.
Either remove them there or correct their pitch to match the woodblock pitches:
* Right-click one
* Select > More...
* Same pitch & Same staff; OK
* Press up/down arrows to make those selected notes cycle through the drumset defined notes for this instrument.

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