Repeat twice?

• May 10, 2021 - 01:35

This piece has a segno at the beginning and end of the voice part which will make it repeat once. However, it has three verses. Is there a way to make it repeat twice, even if I hide it?

I have one voice and two pianos. The voice and the second piano will be hidden. The first piano will display as written for the HTML.

Do you Wonderful Wizards have a solution I can use to get the song to play three times?

Thank you! <3

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A Segno is just a marker, not a Jump instruction. A D.S. whould be such a jump instruction, but taken only once.
If you have a section you want to be playes 3 times, use repeats, and set the play property of the measure with the end repeat barline to 3. Or leave it at 2 and get the 3rd round done via a Segne and a D.S.

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Final product, Jojo. Had to turn my thinking cap around several times to get it right. :)

To get the music to play correctly I added and hid repeat bars. They are on the second page, which won't be used for the HTML.

I hid the split voice and piano. The score that shows is muted. I also hid the repeat bars on page 1 and inserted Unicode double bars over them. They look terrible if scaled to cross both staves. The original has them on one staff. I believe I'm safe this time.

Some of the original words aren't hyphenated; however, they won't line up under the notes unless they are split. I hyphenated those words.

Thank you for your mentorship, Jojo. You're AWESOME! <3

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