Soundfont Earrape (Sounds like -20 dB instead of -40)

• May 18, 2021 - 19:20

I created two soundfonts using Polyphone. When I load them into Musescore and play a test file with the master gain set to -40.00 dB, everything sounds like it is mixed to -20 dB instead. However, using Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth as my sound renderer for Piano from Above, the file plays perfectly with no earrape or other sound defects. Any help?


I've learned from experience that different players respond differently to where you put the attenuations in Polyphone. The safest bet is to put attenuations at the Instrument level and don't do it at the Preset level.
Some players completely ignore them or get them wrong at the Preset level.

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You may not have properly adjusted the attenuation settings. If a sample of the Soundont can be accessed (or there is a scaled-down version of the soundfont that also contains the problem, for example, containing a single sample) the problem can be checked.

Sorry; While I thought I replied to the main question, I mistakenly replied to an answer.

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