Lost a score; trouble editing old score; tool bar turns gray and doesn't work.

• May 25, 2021 - 23:17

I'm having difficulty with my Musescore 3. It seems to lock up/turns gray when I am adding new details and takes numerous times to get the play to work. It is updated. I also don't know how to open mscz files. The score I lost is present in an mscz file if I could open it. I have shut everything down and started again but still doesn't work. I'm afraid I might loose other works. Optimism.mscz
Very frustrated.


Very strange, the only thing that seems to be missing in that mscz is the Thumbnails directory and the thumbbnail.png inside it, none of which is really vital.

You can (try to) open such a (broken) mscz file with WinZip or 7Zip or the likes, and extract the mscx from it, that, in this case, loads cleanly.

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