MIDI export not recognized by my DAW (GB)

• Jun 12, 2021 - 20:44

I started from scratch and input this file manually within MuseScore and yet Garageband doesn't even seem to recognize that the file is a MIDI file (it's grayed out though other .mid import just fine). I tried putting in an empty track at the beginning (as mentioned somewhere here in the forums), but no luck. Can anyone tell me what may be wrong with the file? It imports back into MuseScore without issue.


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Looking at the error messages produced by Sekaiju (the second error is produced by Sekaiju itself trying to correct the first one), this is a duplicate of https://musescore.org/en/node/207346 (mostly MuseScore not honouring “current best practices” and producing a correct but not “nice” MIDI file).

Apparently, Garageband requires MIDI files that follow the optional recommendation which MuseScore does not implement.

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In ordinal numbers, there’s no such thing as “0th”. The first is the first, be it track #0 in a 0-based cardinal counting or track #1 in a 1-based cardinal counting (which midicsv, for example, does).

This is precisely because I avoid saying track #0 or #1 but use “first track” instead, which is unambiguous.

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I totally understand you, but there still seems to be some confusion.

I mean: This track, also called the "Conductor Track", is different from regular midi music tracks. It is always used before the first music track: let's call it first, zero, minus-one, or whatever we call it.

0 Conductor track (It only contains: tempo informations, time signatures, resolution, Key infos, Section markers and other similar meta events; It's like "System-text" events in the Musescore.).
1 first music track
2 second music track
3 third music track

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Right. “Conductor track” is a good name. So the “conductor track” is the first MIDI track, and the ɴᵗʰ music track is the ɴ₊₁ᵗʰ MIDI track.

Note that some software, such as midicsv, will still number the conductor track as 1 and the first music track as 2. This is the fate of MIDI, where 0‥127 is often represented as 1‥128, and in many places this is even expected. (When using cardinal numbers, it helps to specify whether they are 0-based or 1-based. So, for example, midicsv is a 1-based application for track numbers.)

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