Easier method to draw beams between nonadjacent notes

• Jul 2, 2021 - 18:24

For analytical purposes, I would like to be able to draw beams between notes that are great distances apart. The tedious solution is to separate those notes into their own voice, then use the "connecting" element from the palette on every rest in between. I would appreciate an option, for example in the "Add" menu, to beam all selected notes together, and perhaps even to extend this functionality to durations that are otherwise "unbeamable" (i.e. quarter notes and half notes). I greatly enjoy the ease with which I can choose which notehead to draw, and hide or display stems as I please, but it seems that beams still present a tedious issue with analytic presentation.


Are you referring the Schenkerian analysis? I wouldn't be considering those to be "beams" at all, just lines connecting the stems. I recommend adding them that way. But then, I would definitely support a new element type specifically for that. As it is, there is the "note anchored line" but it's define to connect heads, not stems. Actually, simply adding a flag to this element that automatically moved the line to the stem would solve the problem neatly.

Unless you re talking about some other type of analysis that does use true beams, Best if you post an example, preferably from a recognized publisher, so we can better understand.

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