Question about metronome 6/8

• Jul 3, 2021 - 12:39

in 6/8 mode, the metronome sound has 2 beats per bar, that's normal.
I would like to know, for my students' slower and clearer understanding and practice, can I switch the metronome sound from 2 to 6 beats? Thank you.


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I don't see how you can change the metronome from clicking twice in each bar (on the first and fourth eightnote) to clicking six times (on each eigthnote) bu adding a tempo mark. are you sure this is possible?

Otherwise the only way is to add a second percussion instrument (claves perhaps) and add the clicks manually)

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MuseScore automatically switches between 2 and 6 to the bar according to the tempo - at slower tempos it switches to 6 to the bar.

If you wish the 6-to-the-bar at a faster tempo, I'd recommend simply adding a percussion track, filling it with the notes, then optionally making it invisible in Edit / Instruments.

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