Visual swing marking (Triplet feel)

• Jul 19, 2021 - 19:14

I am new to MS and I just love it, but the workaround to incorporate visual swing markings is killing me.
As a jazz drummer, I use swing markings A LOT, and I am surprised there is no palette dedicated to this.
Can we put it on the wishlist?


In case you haven't figured this out, you don't need that picture at all. Jazz musicians don't need it and find it vaguely insulting - the word "swing" all by itself is sufficient. So just add that from the palette, no need to all add the picture. Unless you want - like if you are writing music to be read by people who aren't jazz musicians. And in that case, as mentioned, just add it to your palette for easy reuse.

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Understood, but again, published music in the jazz world doesn't usually do that Eighths are assumed, if sixteenth swing is needed it would just say that in words as well (eg, "Swing 16ths"). Meanwhile, the picture given in the "how to" article can easily be added to your palette as mentioned. FWIW, I also made one as text, using the "Special Characters" palette to build up the symbols. For example, try copying and pasting the following into a staff text or tempo marking:

 =  

Probably looks like gibberish here in the forum of course because your browser's font presumably doesn't include the SMuFL music symbols, but it will paste just fine into MuseScore or any other SMuFL-compliant program.

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