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• Jul 24, 2021 - 13:39

Please see attachment. Help is needed. How do I get the vi0lin names to be violins 1 and violins 2? Can't just use a text box--it won't carry over on following pages. Also, on previous MS scores, I recall a dropdown for strings, where you could specify the sound/playback , such as solo sound or orchestral, etc. Could not find this on MS 3 so far. On the playback of the file, the strings sound like soloists, like a string Quintet. I looked on Mixer for this feature. All see is either M for mute or S for solo. Finally: a beaming problem in measure 10 in the right hand on the Piano. Beams should not connect the way they do. I couldn't get it to beam right across the rests as the left hand does, a standard practice for piano notation. Thank you.


Still on MuseScore 3.2.3?


  • You can change the violins' names in staff/part properties, long and short name
  • The Mixer does shown the sounds and allows changes, like from "Violin" or "Violin expr." (for Single Note Dymanics, not sure 3.2.3 supports that already?) to "Violins" (plural). At least it does in MuseScore 3.6.2 and with the HQ soundfont. You could also change the instruments to their counterparts in plural, see above.
  • For that beam issue select that 'solo' rest in measure 10, and then in the beams palette press (or double click) the beam middle element. Or select that measure and press Auto in the beams palette (that sets the rests to unbeamed, although in 3.2.3 that may not work, due to a bug fixed later, if so select the rests and press/double-click the 'no beam element in the beams palette

Do you want it that way? (Ignore the warning that is stems from a newer version)

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i down loaded the newest MS version and, instead of appearing separately on my desktop, it simply merged with m older 3+ version and updated it to the new version. I want to keep versions of MS separate, as I have a lot of scores in the older, even 2+ versions. If they got morphed into the new version there could be all kinds of layout problems, etc. occur I would think! My older version 3+ is now gone, but My MS 2+ version is still on my desktop OK. I don't want it to turn into the latest version and mess up the scores in it. I should have just left my concerto in the older version and not have downloaded the newest verstion! As long as I open a piece in an older version, it will STAY in that version,right??? Provided I don't download a newer version of MS?

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You can uninstall and reinstall 3.2.3 or whatever and use the PortableApp for 3.6.2 (if you're on Windows that is) (there is no PortabApp for 3.x before 3.5 though, so you can't do it the other way round)

If you open an older score in the newer version and not save it, it stays the old version

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Yes, that does make sense, but I think my goal as a composer is to have ONE version of MS that works and has worked for me and that I'm familiar with. For example, my largest MS score was my opera the Anasazi. I have printed it all out and have also submitted portions of it around electronically. It words fine. If I opened and saved it in some newer version of MS, I would think it would be a mammoth challenge to adjust everything in in those hundreds of pages of score!. And I'm sure the parts would work fine too, or you would never have released that older version of MS (I forget which one.) Another example, I know of a professional composer in my city whose wife told me he just uses one old version of Finale for all his stuff. Also after I finish my latest score in MS, i do not have any more plans to write large orchestral scores, only a a few songs or piano pieces, etc. so why would I want to be getting constantly updated on MS versions? I want to have ONE version I can do everything with.

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