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• Jul 4, 2021 - 16:46

Is there a quicker way to add the SoundFonts for a large orchestral score than manually selecting them one by one in the Mixer. I'm used to the way Sibelius handles this, (if you select an orchestral score the instrument sounds are loaded when opening the score by default). It's not a big issue still it takes some time when converting a full library of old sibelius and finale scores.?


Simply set up one score then save it to your Templates folder, now it's available and all set up every time you select that template when creating a score.

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?? The existing templates are set up that way already. Also, if you add instruments normally, they are already set up that way. So you shouldn't ever need to select new sounds with the mixer, unless you are using a non--standard soundfont. Then indeed you need to customize, but there's no way to avoid that - standards exist for a reason, and when soundfonts aren't standard, they require manual work to set up.

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The built-in soundfont MuseScore_General is one of many General-MIDI-compatible soundfonts, and like all GM soundfonts, it contains a wide variety of different instruments including woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, and various ethnic and electronic instruments.

If you don't wish to mess with overriding defaults in the Mixer, simply stick with the built-in soundfont and you'll be much happier overall. Or if you wish to experiment with other soundfonts to see if there are some that you might happen to subjectively prefer the sound of, stick to ones that explicitly say they follow the General MIDI standard. If you don't see that phrase - "General MIDI", or its abbreviation GM - in the soundfont description, probably it isn't compatible and you'll need to mess with the Mixer. But there are tons of GM soundfonts out there, the standard has been in place for decades now.

If you do choose to use a non-GM soundfont, then my original advice stands - simply customize one score the way you like, then save it to your templates folder. Sonatina was popular enough a few years back that I'm better someone already created an orchestra template for it; you might try a web search. But there are certainly many others just as good. To me, none sound significantly enough better than the built-in soundfont to be worth the hassle, but everyone's taste and tolerance for hassle is different.

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thanks, I'm not so critical about the sounds since my music is supposed to be performed live, so it might be better to use the built-in sounds as you say, another question I submitted earlier is about cue-notes (i'm editing an xml -imported orchestral score and unfortunately it didn't include any of the cue-notes in the score, I'm looking in the handbook, can't find though how to easily add cue-notes in the score to be displayed in the parts, I'm sure there is a way, i just can't find it

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