printed bass tabs for song. musescore gave me multiple lines and I don't know which to use

• Jul 26, 2021 - 19:34

I imported a pdf file from AnthemScore. I asked for bass guitar tabs. Musescore gave me multiple lines of tablature and I am not sure which ones I am to use for the song. I am looking for bass tabs for gospel songs. This is confusing to me. HELP!

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I'm not sure what you mean about multiple "lines" of tablature. I see only a single tab staff, extended of course over multiple systems because the music in question is far too long to fit on a single system. You don't choose one to use, you simply read normally, left to right top to bottom.

Not sure what MuseScore has to do with it, though, if this PDF was created from AnthemScore?

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Indeed, just read left to right, top to bottom, same as any other score.

Not sure why someone would have told you that you need to import to MuseScore though - if you already have it in another program, isn't that good enough? MuseScore is great, don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure what extra benefit you were trying to get here. Converting from one program to another usually loses information along the way.

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Hmm, I think maybe I see your problem - that probably was not a bass part to begin with, but a full score for several instruments. That's why there are so many chords. Presumably you don't really want to play all those chords, just the bass part. But there's no straightforward way to get there from what you have. You'd need to find a version that is just the bass part.

You wrote:
I imported a pdf file from AnthemScore.

OK, what did AnthemScore use to make the pdf you imported?

Simply put...
Somewhere there exists a song, "Come On and Praise the Lord".
You wish to create printed bass tabs for the song.
Are you feeding an audio file of the song into Anthem Score, then importing the resultant pdf into MuseScore?

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If the audio file were a recording of a single bass guitar, you might have acquired better results.
Unfortunately, to identify discrete pitches (frequencies) from audio of multiple instruments playing simultaneously and then to separate the jumble of sound back into individual instruments is a tough problem.

From my limited knowledge of AnthemScore, I think I saw notes (pitches) represented as spectrograms. Perhaps there is a way within AnthemScore to delete the unwanted sounds so that only the bass guitar remains.

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