Setting for avoiding a measure to get the full page width on line break

• Jul 28, 2021 - 14:51

When inserting a Line_break, the last measure of the line gets the full page width. I don't find that nice. I'd like the measure to stay in the standard widths.
Is there a setting to configure that ? I couldn't find it.
Here is the default behaviour:

Here is what I'd like to achieve:
(In this latter example, I added manually a spacer. But I'd like to use instead some configuration so that linebreaks behave that way automatically, without requiring to add spacer at every linebreaks.)

Such as in publishing soft, where you have the 2 options (here from CorelDraw)

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Currently, horizontal frames are the way to go. But indeed, a special break, or setting on a break, would be good to have, and I've proposed this as well. The downside is less control over the actual width of that system, so in the end I expect I'd continue using frames.

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