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• Jan 22, 2020 - 21:13

Working on a full orchestra score, which requires a varying number of instruments from page to page. I've played with every setting in Format>Page Settings, but for the life of me, I can't make the score stretch evenly from top to bottom on each page. This leaves me with really uneven spaces across the bottom of the pages, and I'd like it to be uniform like a nice, professionally printed score. Am I missing something, or is this just not something that's available?

(Running on Win10 if that matters.)


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In Format > Style... > Page you can increase Max system distance to a very large number. This forces multiple systems apart until the bottom edge of the last system on each page is as low as permitted. So at least the placing of the last system is consistent.

But I don't always find the result satisfying visually, and sometimes I prefer to force system layout manually with individual spacers. See attached PDF, which doesn't use any spacers between systems.

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Increasing max distance will cause MsueScore to add more space between systems to fill the page, but not between staves on a single system, and that's what I think we are talking about here - a large ensemble score with one system per page, but the system height varies. It's been suggested we implement a similar min/max system for staff distance, but the details of exactly how it would work are not clear yet.

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Hi Marc,
I have essentially the same question. What can we do to not have huge empty white pages and then when we use the full ensemble a page thats full. In Sibelius it will stack multiple passages on top of one another that have less instrumentation so that we get mostly full pages rather than essentially blank pages. Is this possible ? I attached my settings (Which are probably terrible but wanted your advice) and you can see how some pages are quite empty

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See my reply to your other thread. When this thread here was started, MuseScore didn't have an automatic way to fill the page, but now it does, and it's enabled by default. So either your score was created with an older version of MuseScore, or else you may have disabled this featured somehow. Or it's possible you'll need to tweak one of specific min/max values in the style dialog. As mentioned elsewhere, we'd need you to attach your actual score instead of a picture, in order to do more than guess.

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