Playback is broken

• Aug 1, 2021 - 08:05

The problem started when I put on my headphones. Musescore kept doing playback from my computer speakers, even though my computer settings had all my audio going through my headphones. I went to preferences to change it to my headphones, I selected my headphones in the preferences I/O menu and hit apply. The only thing that changed is now there is no sound. I've gone back to the I/O menu and now there is no option to select a playback device in preferences anymore.

The 'Restart Audio and MIDI Devices' button does nothing, the 'Reset All Preferences to Default' button does nothing, and now (after resetting the entire program to factory settings) the 'Mixer' and 'Synthesizer' options are completely grayed out in the view menu.

What is up with this program? Why do the playback and audio setting refuse to even populate now? How do I fix this?

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While I appreciate the suggestion, I am not seeing an applicable solution in this thread.

My headset is already connected and there are still zero options showing up in the PortAudio section of Edit-->Preferences-->I/O to pick from...

I have tried closing and reopening musecore, as well as resetting all of the settings. Still nothing. No synthesizer options showing up in the View drop down menu either. There is nothing in the volume mixer connected with musescore. I can't event select my laptop speakers to get the sound to play from again and the play back button on the main score page is also grayed out and unable to be selected.

Maybe when I restored the factory setting the synthesizer piano sound font I had got dropped? The links to available sound fonts that I am seeing in the 'frequently asked questions' section are giving me 404 errors...

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The first two or so piano font links I saw were broken... not entirely sure if my playback issue is a missing sound font issue or not. I ran out of time for the night to go through the fonts, but I will try to find something that will open to see if its a missing sound font issue which has killed my playback capability... although to be honest, I am not sure how one even goes about trying to install a 'sound font'... anyways a question to be answer when I get up in the morning....

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