Crescendos/Dynamics not working properly on some notes

• Jul 31, 2021 - 20:13

I've tried everything I can think of to get the dynamics to work, but almost all the notes played by saw synth 1 aren't affected properly by crescendos or dynamics. The only ones that work properly are at measure 19 and measure 23.

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Check in Mixer: they have their sound set to Grand Piano.
(They don't sound like Pianoe though, are you using some custom soundfont?)
Check in statt properties: the have single note dynamics on.

Grand Piano can't do that, you'd need to use a sound with "expr." at the end of its name, like "Saw Lead expr.", the default sound for Saw Synthesizer

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A soundfont needs to be designed to work with single note dynamics, and MuseScore needs to to know how to communicate that info to the soundfont. The defaults work out of the box, but if you use other soundfonts, then you need to be understand how that soundfont handles dynamics and make sure your options in View / Synthesizer / Dynamics are set appropriately for how that soundfont works, also make sure that the staff itself is set to use or not use single note dynamics in Staff/Part Properties, accord to how that particular sound in the soundfont is designed to work.

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